Cranberry Chutney

It’s the eating-time-of-year again! The best way to do that for the upcoming holiday feasts is to spread out the tasks over days, making foods that benefit from become richer in flavor when their flavors are given some time to meld.

Cranberry chutney is a perfect example with a variety of flavors mellow and become more united with time. In fact, it has become so popular, ordinary cranberry relish is a thing-of-the-past in our household. The chutney was a bit of an intense change the first year, so it was barely touched (other than by me). The second year, everyone was a bit more adventurous. The third year? No one touched the other two classics – orange & cranberry relish and a cranberry cream-cheese salad, instead, inhaling the chutney. The fourth year, everyone declared that turkey sandwiches had to have cranberry chutney, so I made a double batch. This year? I’m not wasting the time on the classics. My youngest child already asked if I was making “that yummy chutney”, so I’d better get to it!

Never Forget...

…those lost on 9/11….

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Library Privacy Rights - Parents Beware

Three of my most cherished possessions – having survived as many decades and cross-country moves – are beautifully illustrated books of poetry given to me by my grandmother. Through them, she passed along her love of well-crafted literature.

Spring Culling aka "Cleaning"

Image Starburst Cover I got a jump on “Spring Cleaning” this week, culling tools – bakeware, cookware and gadgets – no longer useful in the creation of nutrient-dense, whole-food. Keeping all-things-Corning, glass, and cast iron, I discarded the few remaining non-stick pans, aluminum bakeware, and a crockpot. Most were decades-old, having far more nostalgic, than practical value. The most difficult for me to remove? The now-“vintage” Tupperware.

Cheese Soufflé

Image Souffle Surveying the refrigerator, my eyes landed on a new smoked Spanish cheese I’d been saving for something “special”. Souffle’! Slicing off bites of the cheese, I popped them into my darlings’ mouths. “Oh, that’s very, very good cheese”, my 14-yo said, her eyes squinting as she analyzed its flavor. “There’s a….smoky component…a bit of a bacon-y edge. Let’s go with that.” Excellent! Game on!

Kicked Up Southern-Style Sausage Gravy & Biscuits

Image Sausage Biscuit I had special plans for this morning’s biscuits. Yesterday, I’d picked up some freshly-made ground pork from a local farmer, and my goal was to create smooth, velvety, creamy sausage and gravy to pour over the biscuits. I’ve made some pretty extreme, complex 5-star breakfasts over the years, and while old-style southern-style sausage and gravy over biscuits is deceptively simply, it’s one of those recipes that brings together your “Best Of” techniques.

Apple (or any fruit) Coffee Cake Supreme

Image Blueberry Coffee Cake This 1986 recipe winner of the Pillsbury Bake-Off, has gone through a few changes over the years. Pillsbury once published it, similar to what I’ve included later in this post, but eventually revamped it, replacing the 100% made-from-scratch method with its refrigerated biscuits, loaded with homogenized shortening and chemical-laden synthetic preservative.

Feathering Your Nest...

Image Pookie Egg It’s that time of year, yet again, when our poor light-confused parrot is egg-laying. Even though she’s without a mate, she is as protective and attentive to the egg, as if it were fertile.

Anything Goes Omelet

Image Omelet If I’ve seen a movie or television show once, I have no desire to watch it again, with the exception of “Gone with the Wind”. But as for everything else? It’s time to move on to something new! That rolling-stone (as in “gathers no moss”, not Rock ‘n Roll) attitude transfers to how I cook. I don’t think I’ve ever made the same omelet twice, for example. Even when I have similar ingredients, the end-result is a little different.

Pick-Your-Citrus - Lime, Orange, Grapefruit or Lemon Pudding Cake

Lemon Pudding Cake
One of my favorite childhood deserts was lemon pudding cake, especially welcome on a blustery, cold Minnesota-winter night. One rip and dump of the Betty Crocker box, over which we drizzled hot water, in less than 30-minutes, everyone was licking the last drop of the creamy lemon “pudding” from their spoons. “Magic” pudding we called it, fascinated the pudding somehow appeared on the bottom layer, while the top turned into a light and fluffy cake.