Feathering Your Nest...

Image Pookie Egg It’s that time of year, yet again, when our poor light-confused parrot is egg-laying. Even though she’s without a mate, she is as protective and attentive to the egg, as if it were fertile.

Fried Woodchuck

I have, to my surprise, the makings of a great dinner right in my very own yard…...

Amino Acids and Dog Diets

Stuff of Heart Ache

I wrote this post contrasting and comparing my own birds, the type of life they live with our family, and that of a very special Cockatoo named Major…..


Behavioral Changes in Parrots

Guess Who's Coming To Dinner

Meal time around our home includes the pitter patter of four-toed feet running across the dinner table. “Family style” takes on a whole new meaning when it involves large beaks helping themselves to your cranberry juice and oatmeal.

Jungle Baby

Sarah, my now 9-year-old daughter has grown up with the greatest imaginable playmate, our Blue & Gold Macaw, Buddy. Other children learned to walk by hanging onto furniture. Sarah used Buddy’s cage, she plastered against the outside, he plastered against the inside….

Chicken Feet - Part 3

Two weeks after our doubting Pastor and his wife visited our home for Sunday dinner, he approached us after the Sunday service, asking if he could have a minute of our time….

Chicken Feet - Part 2

The weekend after we returned from a month-long trip, our Pastor and his family came over for Sunday dinner. He wasn’t what you’d call an “animal person” but I realized he watched them more carefully than I’d given him credit when he asked, ‘“What’s up with the white bird“, pointing to KoeKoe, our Umbrella Cockatoo who was slumping on his manzanita tree. “He looks like Psalm 35, “I was bowed down in grief”.

“He is depressed, youlre right”, I nodded.

“Depressed”, he repeated, looking like a parrot himself, tilting his head to the side and inspecting KoeKoe from head-to-toe with one closed eye, “what does he have to be depressed about”.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw my husband nervously tug at his collar and rub his neck meaning, “change subject, serve food, anything”.

“Some of the vet techs at the boarding facility were teasing him, telling him he had “chicken feet”, I explained, as if it were the most logical explanation in the world, all the while avoiding eye contact with my husband. I had a motive – try to get animals moved up just a little higher on the rungs of my Pastor’s mind, out of the “animals are dumb” category.