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Three of my most cherished possessions – having survived as many decades and cross-country moves – are beautifully illustrated books of poetry given to me by my grandmother. Through them, she passed along her love of well-crafted literature.

In 30 days....

Daffodil Snow …the 12-inches of snow that dropped on New Hampshire yesterday, will have melted. The spring peepers will be peeping, sunning themselves on the thin crust of ice covering the vernal pond. When the daffodils and tulips, followed by swollen dogwood and black raspberry buds appear, it will be easier to imagine what now seems impossible – the feeling of warm sunshine on bare arms while picking berries, or the laughter of my children riding ocean waves. While nature isn’t always stable and constant, with occasional storms, earthquakes and hurricanes reminding us of its power, it is far more dependable and stable than human sin-nature, drawn to chaos. (Job 5:7)

End of a Nation

Adrian Roger Quote

Don't Tread on Me

Don’t Tread on Me – this should become the battle cry in each of the states of America. This idea that people are to cling to the teat of the government, not only for their milk, but for their meat, housing and jobs, is an idea that will destroy the very foundation of this country if Patriots don’t speak up, and speak up soon.

Egg of Power

Small Egg Power God help us, for we are now going to find out what it is like to be ruled by the ungodly. Barack Hussein Obama may well have persevered, winning the race in his bid for the office of President of the United States, but it appears, he will lose the most important race (1 Cor 9:24) – the race towards eternity. And just as churches and Christian families suffer for lack of Godly leadership, so, too, will those of this nation suffer, for our lack of leadership and discernment. God will not be mocked.

Surviving Meteorologists

Overstuffed Snowsuit Small When Minnesota winter temperatures dropped, sometimes as low as -50F, with -75F windchill, I habitually asked my parents to remind me, “why we left Florida”, moving back to Minnesota. For many years, they patiently answered, “So we could live by your grandparents – be around family”.

Their reply always seemed a bit wistful, not said straight-on, looking me in the eyes, but instead, glancing out the window to the frozen landscape. It didn’t help that a huge conch shell, they’d found on an “exquisite and beautiful Florida beach”, held a place of honor in the livingroom curio cabinet. Pressed against my ear, it filled my head with more than ocean sounds, instead, creating discontentment. (Phil 4:11).

The Real Story of Thanksgiving

With parents arguing over elementary Thanksgiving costumes, it’s clear the last several generations haven’t a clue as to the real history of America. Instead, their primary focus is one of being inoffensive, which only makes them all the more offensive.

The Indians, no doubt, got a bum rap on many land deals. On the other hand, the American Indian tribes needed a little spiffing up, no strangers to human sacrifices, warfare, and cannibalism, not exactly the makings of innocents. Europeans had a far superior culture due to their superior God. Unfortunately, visit the major historical centers such as Cape Cod and Plimoth Plantation (where I’m pictured, sweeping out a cabin), and you’ll hear a revisionist history being shared – one of corn-stealing Pilgrims and abused Indians. Given the politically-correct atmosphere gripping Amerika – a country soon not to be equated with freedom, I appreciate Rush Limbaugh’s telling of the authentic Thanksgiving story.

Reprobate & Depraved Minds

“Why are you always so surprised at this fiery trial”, asked the Apostle Paul, his question valid for all time. 1 Peter 4:12

I shouldn’t be, but I am, surprised that Christian friends are surprised by the amount and intensity of perversion spewed out against Sarah Palin, and to a lesser degree, John McCain. Talk shows, newspapers, magazines and comedy venues have reached a new low.

Let love be without hypocrisy, abhor what is evil. Cling to what is good….. Rom 12:9-10

Not that long ago, even the most wretched of souls would have exerted self-control, clamping their lips tightly together in the “mixed company” of those who held more conservative, less subversive views.

Gloria Steinem, Sarah Bernhardt, or Randi Rhodes, Steinem being the least offensive and Bernhardt and Rhodes tied for needing the most prayer, are but a few examples of people who have shown themselves to be foolish in the eyes of the Lord, generating sickening comments over the last few weeks, their hatred stunning. They, with their peers, are bringing their picnic baskets to the Coliseum of the American media, feeding each others egos and sense of pride in that they, who consider themselves so noble, wise and worthy, are bolstering one another up in their starving frenzy which increasing rage, it seems only blood-soaked ground will satisfy.

Finally! A Candidate Worth a Vote!

I haven’t been this excited about a political candidate in I don’t know how long. Sarah Palin’s speech to the Republic Convention was well done, well delivered and well deserving of my support and vote. Up until Palin’s speech, I can say that I was not at all excited about the options open to me in the upcoming election. Now, if she can continue to present the same message, with the same classy, competency displayed last night, she will be a good reason to head to the polls come November.

“Jay Severin”, a local talk-radio host said it best in this morning’s blog

But even more enjoyable than Palin’s mastery of stage last night was the hilarious glumness and nastiness of the reactions by virtually all the “journalists” on TV: Keith Olberwellian, Chrissy Matthews, Gene Obama Robertson, Rachel Mad-Ow, et. al. all looked and sounded like children who had just lost their best friend.

And maybe they have: little Barack.



Translation: she was EFFECTIVE.

Impeach Texas Judge Barbara Walther

America is the only country in the world where the RIGHT to religious freedom is written into the structure and foundation of a country’s governing laws. When it comes down to American freedoms and preserving the Constitution of the United States, I’ll stand alongside FLDS members (rejected polygamist black-sheep of the Mormon Church), fighting for their right to carry out the practices of their religion as they see fit as long as they are within the bounds of REAL law.

When the government’s agents, Texas child protective services, swooped down, removing over 400 FLDS Texan children, citizens of the United States of America, disrupting community, families and their way of life, we all received a wake-up call. What is to prevent that from happening to our neighborhoods, churches or private schools?