Spring Culling aka "Cleaning"

Image Starburst Cover I got a jump on “Spring Cleaning” this week, culling tools – bakeware, cookware and gadgets – no longer useful in the creation of nutrient-dense, whole-food. Keeping all-things-Corning, glass, and cast iron, I discarded the few remaining non-stick pans, aluminum bakeware, and a crockpot. Most were decades-old, having far more nostalgic, than practical value. The most difficult for me to remove? The now-“vintage” Tupperware.

The Swine is Falling

Pig Falling 150

Sometimes, a little lesson in history, puts things in perspective, enabling clear thinking. Let the pagans and heathens run in circles declaring the sky is falling, but you, Christian, be clear in your thinking. (Prov 14:15, Prov 19:2, John 10:37, Acts 17:11, 1Thes 5:21, 1 John 4:1)

The CDC has been talking for years about pandemics. Back in 2002, Exotic Newcastle Disease was predicted to wipe out most of the factory poultry-farming industry. In some ways, it is a shame that END didn’t put poultry factory-farming out of its misery, and the misery it is causing to humans and animals alike, not to mention the pollution of the environment. The use of Roxarsone – arsenic – in poultry and other animal feed which stimulates growth, has been linked to cancer in humans.

Muffin Turf Wars

Blueberry Muffin I love using natural light when photographing food. Catching the last few rays of weak sunlight streaming through my dining room window, I was busily arranging freshly-made Blueberry Quark Muffins on a plate, when I had the overwhelming sensation I was being watched. Feeling like a songbird with a hawk flying overhead, I slowly looked up to find two pairs of eyes locked on the freshly baked muffins I was arranging.

My son’s excuse, for having his nose hanging dead-center over a tray of cooling muffins was he “couldn’t help himself, drawn by the lovely, intoxicating scent”. That’s a good illustration of why some children with Asperger’s are affectionately called a “Little Professor” He’s doesn’t know the meaning of “intoxicating”, instead, parroting it from a perfume commercial, thinking it has something to do with a pleasing aroma.

This 'n That...

Wise Women Build Their House

Dairy Maid The wise woman builds her house, But the foolish tears it down with her own hands. Prov 14:1

I’ve invested the last seven years, building new floors on my house. My tools are not a hammer, saw or blueprints, but instead, Mason glass “canning” jars, dehydrators, and studying traditional food preparation and preservation techniques.

Foolish women began tearing down their houses in the late 1800’s, and have continued up to this day, placing careers over children, processed foods over cooking, giving up gardens and traditional food preservation methods – smoking, fermenting, drying – for that of industrial-produced dead-nutrient substances euphemistically called “food”.

Quark By Any Other Name.....Is Still A Curd

…and because of the abundance of the milk produced he will eat curds, for everyone that is left within the land will eat curds and honey… Isaiah 7:22

Raw Dairy Poster What do you get when you combine three half-gallons of fresh, raw, grass-fed milk, with an extended power outage?


And whey!

Every once in awhile, some good comes from New England’s downed power lines!

Whey, in the mind of most moderns, is a by-product of cheesemaking, dumped as waste, or fed to livestock. But, when it is made with real, raw milk – the kind cows make from eating grass – whey is wonderfully healthy and has a wide variety of uses.

"That's Hot" Sweet Potato Casserole

The real name of this dish is “Madeira Sweet Potato Casserole”. But ever since a friend’s husband, inadvertently renamed it a few Thanksgiving dinners ago, this name, said with a few winks and grins, has stuck.

Invited to their home for Thanksgiving, I was asked to bring my “famous” braided Challah, a sweet potato side dish of my choosing, and a “non-pumpkin” desert because my friend informed me that, “No one can match my pumpkin pie.” I decided to make a chocolate pecan tart, which I figured was as far from pumpkin as possible.

She’d spent weeks planning her menu, pouring through Food & Wine, Epicurious, Sunset and Cooking Light magazines and cookbooks. Her table was beautifully appointed, a work of art that could easily have been photographed for any fine-food magazine. Beautiful linen tablecloths, sparkling crystal, and flickering candlelight set the stage for a formal five course dinner, the first three courses deserving and equal to the ambiance and setting. Subtle background chamber music intermingled with genteel, polite conversation, when suddenly – as loud and shocking as if someone popped a huge balloon – her husband exclaimed, “That’s Hot!”

Don't Be Ignorant About Flu Vaccines

alk about convenient. No matter where your errands take you – grocery, hardware, or your favorite warehouse store – you can also roll up your sleeves, getting jabbed with a very unnecessary flu vaccine. Of course, industrialized “medicine” would have us believe they care, and are looking out for our best interests, thus, the reason they make it so convenient. I’m way over being gullible. The collective “we” didn’t make enough clinic appointments to satisfy the bottom-line needs of the vaccine industry’s investors and stockholders. They’ve got billions to be made and we were not cooperating.

Flu vaccines are one of the biggest marketing scams that exist. They’re not based on good science, but instead, greed and profit at the potential expense of not only our health, but potentially, our lives.

For most people, the flu shot does not prevent illness, but actually does the polar opposite—it weakens your immune system and makes you more predisposed to the illness. The people who actually die after contracting the flu do so because they are already sick and have compromised immune systems, and that certainly doesn’t have to include you. Why Flu Vaccines Don’t Work

Turning back time...

The living history demonstrations, which tug the most at my heartstrings, involve food – butter-making, hearth-roasted meats, wild-yeast bread “sponges”, or cheese making. Each 1830’s costumed-interpreter’s passion and love for their craft leaves no doubt, that while they exchange their 1830’s garb for 21st Century garments when returning to their “real” lives, they take their timeless cooking techniques with them to their world.

Having been raised on Velveeta cheese, canned vegetables, and boxed deserts, I developed an aversion to the narrow range of processed-food “flavor” – salt and sugar – preferring to make my own meals from “scratch”.

Even though I had very few processed foods to cull from my cabinets when we followed the Nourishing Traditions way of eating, I’ve still managed to make substantial changes over the past half-dozen years, buying and eating only locally-raised organic foods, including meat that has been raised using traditional methods.

The way we now eat has much more in common with an Old Sturbridge Village 1830’s way of life, than it does with our modern culture.

The last time I shopped in a 2008 grocery store was last April, purchasing several packages of organic strawberries. Walking the aisles of a modern grocery store is like walking through a graveyard of nutritionally dead food.

Power of Fermented Foods

We’ve been following “Nourishing Traditions” for quite a few years, and have seen amazing changes in our Autistic son’s overall health. He’s achieving beyond all expectations this year, reading at a 6th grade level, and more important to me, has a real heart’s desire to please the Lord. That’s going to serve him well throughout life.

If I could point to any one thing that has helped him with his typical Autism digestive issues, it would fermented foods – not only a valuable part of our diet but a NECESSARY one.

When I asked people, “What do you think of when I say ‘fermented foods’”, I get answers that vary from “never heard of it” to “doesn’t sound very good”. I certainly didn’t understand, back when we began this journey, that I’d enjoyed fermented foods throughout my life – soy sauce, yogurt, old-fashioned barrel-aged pickles, traditional French bread, and cheese, just to name a few. The term describes the process of how a variety of breads, grains, vegetables and even meats are converted into healthy products that put more nutrition and energy back into the body, than what they take out. Instead of putting stress on the digestive tract, like highly-processed dead-nutrition foods (boxed, canned, single-yeast bread), fermented foods are naturally easier to digest, their starches, fats, proteins and sugars converted into forms more easily assimilated into the human body and utilized by the digestive tract.